Group Home Program

Butte Valley Group Home - 6 bed Boys, ages 7-14
Diamond Peak Boys' Home - 10 bed Boys, ages 13-17 years
Nighthawk Group Home - 6 bed Boys, ages 6-12 years
Warner Mountains Group Home - 30 bed Boys and Girls, ages 11-17 years

Group Home Program
EA's Group Home Program is for children who are able to function in a community setting, but do not function well in a foster home. These structured facilities are family homes in many ways. The principal operators own, and live in the group home.

Although each facility has its own style and program, we expect each to accommodate specific directives and wishes of placement workers.

Each of our twelve homes operates within a prescribed framework of policies and procedures. For example, each home is monitored and receives counseling service on a weekly basis from an agency social worker. The program borrows the intimacy of a family setting along with the staffing and structure of higher level programs. Yet, beyond the uniform structure, each home adopts a unique style suited to the group home family. Some homes emphasize a ranch style atmosphere, with horse riding and animal care. Other homes emphasize certain sport and recreational activities. Yet another leans toward substance abuse and therapeutic interventions. Two homes specialize in grade school children, another on the junior high age group. Six homes take females and six take males; none are coed.

Because we empower and support facility operators, burnout is almost non existent.

This means high levels of stability and continuity, essential in establishing strong bonds with children. Authority centers around live-in staff, with shift workers providing additional assistance.

Our numerous homes and programs provide flexibility. When the particular dynamics of a child require movement between homes rather than a placement failure, we can arrange it.

All group home residents undergo the agency assessment program. Each child receives a battery of tests and social appraisal at six month intervals. Progress is measured both objectively and subjectively. The results are used to modify program plans, target areas for special attention, and provide cues to behavior management.


We designed our admission procedure to be fast and easy. Placement agencies shouldn't have to wait days or weeks for admission screening. Counties can call any of our offices, group homes, or county liaisons to initiate the process. It's our task to respond to the placement worker with current status on bed availability.

We rely heavily on the opinion of placement worker as to suitability of the child for this level of care.

When desired, face-to-face interviews can be arranged. Our responsiveness, along with dedicated efforts to make placements successful, results in high occupancy rates. For recent years, occupancy averaged 100%; never falling below 97% since the program was founded in 1981.

Our 6-Bed Homes function at RCL 10.

30-Bed Group Home Program
The Warner Mountains Group Home is for boys and girls, ages nine through eighteen, who have difficulty functioning in small units, are more difficult to manage, and/or need a higher level of supervision. This 30-Bed facility is located in a rural, remote, ranchland setting in Modoc County.

This program offers a self-contained environment with limited access to the community and an on-grounds school.

More structure and routine is incorporated into the daily schedule.

Even with a definite step up in supervision, this program resembles the 6-Bed program in some useful ways. For example, permanent senior staff reside in each of the five living units. Both sexes are accepted, but are housed in separate living quarters. We avoid using shift workers in favor of regular, daily contact between staff and child. Staff turnover rate is impressively low.

In October 1994, the facility was moved nearby to a totally new facility, with an increase in capacity to 30 beds.

As placement agencies might expect, this program operates on a level system. Children progress through three identifiable phases, well marked by behavioral performance standards and accompanying privileges.

Two social workers are in the facility daily, providing routine counseling and guidance to children and staff.

The court school is operated by the local public school and used exclusively by our children. The school and group home staff interact on a fluid, daily basis. This results in a continuity of program and methods.

Because the facility is remote and isolated, we experience fewer runaways and less city distractions.


For admission, placement workers can call the facility directly, contact a county liaison, or any EA social worker. Placement workers should receive admission status information promptly.

As with all our programs, each child undergoes our thorough assessment, including testing and social work appraisals at six month intervals.

This facility functions at RCL 10.

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